VisOz believes that a migration project shall be considered as a whole and not on its own in light of the employment, taxation, accounting and legal aspects. Alexia Emmerson’s previous experience as a corporate lawyer enables her to understand the various issues that a client may face when migrating to Australia. As such, VisOz has been working with experts (lawyers, accountants, taxation advisers) in Australia and overseas to answer the clients’ specific needs.


VisOz will act as a project manager to ensure that the migration project is a success and meet the clients’ expectations and legal requirements.

Being a migration agent means you deal with people’s life on a daily basis. Alexia Emmerson is passionate about making a difference in people’s life or business’s growth and success. Alexia Emmerson is also passionate about Australia and believes this is the best place to live on earth.


She will share her passion with you; just ask her what she thinks about Australia, this can never end!

As a migrant herself, Alexia Emmerson has had many visas before becoming an Australian citizen.


She is aware of the difficulties the clients may face during the migration process and understands how stressful this process can be. She will dedicate her time to assist her clients to achieve their aim and make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.









Registered Migration Agent with MARA

French Qualified Lawyer

15 years experience in the law industry in France and in Australia

Success rate of over 99%


Expertise in expatriation issues

Personalised services (you are not a number) and smooth process

Available out of office hours

Immigration services and beyond

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